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FLOOR SPRING   ( accesorios de parche para puerta de vidrio )


Introduction :

1. Stainless Steel Cover

2. For max.width : 1200mm

3. For max.door weight : 90kg

4. Pass over 500.000 open close test

5. Adjusting Screws : Latch speed adjust screw

                      Closing speed adjust screw

                      To adjust door leaf and closing speed

1.By screw 2-4 to adjust the center of floor spring spindle in the same vertical line for center of top hinge spindle.

2.By screw 1 to adjust door leaf in right axis after closing.

3.By screw 3 to adjust bottom of door leaf in horizontal line to ground and to floor spring.

4.When adjusting closing speed and latching speed : By first and second adjusting screw

-clockwise : for slow speed and force.

-counterclockwise :  for fast spedd and force.

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